Have you ever tried to get your little boy to get dressed up? Wear something besides his sports shorts and shirts? All C wants to wear these days is his sports clothes. AGHHHHHHH! It drives me insane.  So how do we compromise? I mix a little of what he wants with a little of what I want.

The good news is that sneakers are so in for any occasion right now.  Pair it with some comfortable dress pants, a t-shirt, and cardigan and you got yourself an outfit that is both approved by you and your child.


Adidas makes fantastic fashion shoes that are functional…or you can say they make a very functional sneaker that looks on point.  Either way, they work with everything! This pair, in particular, is one of our favorites.  It’s a classic and timeless shoe (I wore them in grade school!!), but is also very effortlessly cool and comfortable.


The pant C is wearing from Appaman is a staple in his closet.  C has put it through the wringer and it stays unwrinkled. He also gets it stained (mostly grass and food), but I don’t freak out because it comes right out in the wash.  It is incredibly durable.


Clearly, C can easily move in this outfit, as it is not stiff and stuffy.


Hope this inspires you to put together some outfits that will make you AND your son happy.

Thanks so much for coming on our journey!



Top: JCrew t-shirt  JCrew cardi

Bottom: Appaman pant(part of a suit) 

Shoe: Adidas 

Accessories: Belt

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  • Heather Denniston

    I love those pants and I love that he agreed to a belt. He looks like a total charmer too. Really cute clothes!

  • Amanda @bephoenixfit

    Cute kid and really cute clothes! I’m jealous that he poses so well for you. My son just likes to goof off in front of the camera haha.

    • Tram

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I think he is used to it by now. Ha ha!! xoxo, T

  • Erin

    He’s adorable and I love that J. Crew cardigan. Great post!
    xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

    • Tram

      Thank you so much! That cardigan is so versatile. We love it. And thank you for checking out my blog. xoxo,T

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