Friends, oh my goodness, this amazing company reached out to me recently about their product and I was dying!!!! I am so excited to share their work and products with you. They are a relatively new company based right here in Hoboken, NJ; I love to support local shops.  Their idea is ingenious!

So all you men out there, or those who have men in their lives.  Do you never know what to do with your/their old dress shirts???  I know my husband ALWAYS rips the elbows of his shirts due to his line of work (on a desk, all day in front of several screens for finance). We always just, donate them (the ones that aren’t ripped), recycled them, or used them for rags.  Now, we can send it to Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts and she turns it into a dress or shirt or romper for your little one.  The attention to details that Maria, the owner, puts into these dresses are unreal.  She thinks of everything…from using Daddy’s pockets to make the little one’s pockets, to carefully placing any emblems/logos on the original shirt onto the new item.

This could be done as a way to re-use and recycle an old shirt, or it could be done as a memento of a special occasion. It makes a great gift that will be sure to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Literally my husband was sooo blown away when he saw L in one of his shirts.  Please go check out Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts and support a small, local business. Maria is a joy to work with and her work is impeccable.   I promise you, you will not regret it!







Thanks for coming on our journey with us!



On her: Daddy’s Little Dress Shirt top , jean shorts (old, but here is something similar), shoes (old, but here or here is something similar)

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