I am always on the lookout for new sites I can go to to buy the kids’ their clothes.  As much as I love to shop, I completely dislike having to drag the kids to the mall or stores with me. They don’t like it because they say they are bored.  I don’t like it because I  feel rushed because I know they just want to be somewhere, anywhere else. 99% of the time I buy all the kids’ clothes online….actually I buy 99% of my clothes online too. It’s so much easier and efficient (with two kids who are uber busy, I have learned to become pretty good at being efficient).

Ever since I had the kids, I started reading magazines about kids’ fashion (they are my influence and inspiration for this blog!).  One of my favorite magazines is the Hooligans Magazine.  This awesome magazine, recently started their own shopping site….www.hooligansclique.com.  They have the most amazing brands that are different and fun.

Hooligansclique.com is where I found this amazing dress for L! It is actually a tunic, but I got a larger size so it will be a dress until she gets bigger. Ha!

We had so much fun shooting this dress, that I could not narrow down the pictures to use. I apologize for the L spam! Ha!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!



On her: Dress (they sold out of the print L has on, but here is the same dress in a different print)

Boots: Doc Martens

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