If your child is anything like my son, then I am sure that all they ever want to wear are their sports or athletic gear.  He constantly asks me if he can wear his jerseys to school.  That is fine, on gym day or a special occasion, like when his favorite sports team wins the night before; but any other day, I prefer that he understands that he must dress the part of a student. The athletic gear is comfortable, I totally get that.  I also get that it makes learning more conducive if they aren’t fidgeting with their “uncomfortable” clothes.  The good news is that a big trend right now are sweatpants! You can style sweatpants so they do not look sloppy, but it is also super comfortable for your child!   A win win!

C loves this look and is so happy that they are “comfy pants.”



Clearly, it’s easy to move around in! 🙂




Thank you so much for coming on our journey!



On him

Top: Chambray button down, Shawl cardigan is no longer available, but here is a similar one

Bottom: Camo sweatpants , Boots 

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  • deb

    Loving the micro fashion statement 🙂

    • Tram

      Thanks so much!!! xo 🙂

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